July Update

Hey guys!  So for those of you who don’t personally know me, I had some struggles in the beginning of July and had to take a little (actually a lot) of personal time off from work.  I barely listed anything at all, like under ten items, for the first three weeks of July.  This month so far I have made about $1,150, with over $430 coming in from this past week.  I have no doubt that I could’ve passed the $2,000 mark if I hadn’t taken three weeks of recovery time.  But oh well, in the words of Forrest, “it happens.”
This right here is the biggest perk of being my own boss.  I have had plenty of time to myself, to hang out with my friends.  My schedule can work around either going to the beach or going out at night.  I love that I can set my own hours, I wasn’t myself the beginning of this month and I honestly could not imagine dragging myself to work.  But, I’m back to being my happy, thrift-aholic self now!
AND GUYS!  Guess what I have finally found after years of searching?!  A brand new dress form! This dress form (in the perfect size, too – medium) was new in the box with a $199 price sticker on it, it had a goodwill price of $35 and I got a 25% discount, making the dress form only $28!  I am still thrilled about this purchase.  It has made listing tops so much easier!  I used to like to stick with jeans because they were easier to stage on a flat surface, but now I just love taking pictures of tops and dresses!
I honestly only sold two real gems this month, here is one of them:
Gucci Heels
Paid: $10
Sold: $157.49
Profit: $123.26

By the way, sorry for the hiatus!  I should be posting more regularly now that I’m back at eBaying!

July Update

Nearing the End of June

My favorite month is almost over!  I have made some great changes to my business and I am so proud of myself!  I have mastered the perfect organization for me (just need to get more shelving).  And I have been listing more than ever!  My only setback this month has been my car (it hasn’t been working for a week or two now).  Luckily my family has been giving me rides to the thrift shop.
As far as my organization, as soon as I list an item I give it a number and stick it in a padded flat rate envelope.  Then I organize the envelopes into groups of 20 and put them in an Ikea bag on my shelving unit.  Organization is really key when running your own business.  I find that whenever I do become even the slightest bit unorganized (which happens more than I’d like to admit) I get panicky and frantic and so overwhelmed I won’t list anything until I tidy up again.  Prior to my new organization, I would keep everything on my shelves and would have to look through almost a hundred items before I found the one I was looking for.  Now, in the mornings before I go to the post office, I know right where to look for my item, put the packing slip in the package, close it up, and slap a label on it, easy peasy!

So far this month, I’ve sold 117 items!  I believe that is a personal record for me!  I have made over $3000 in sales and about $2000 in profit.  My goal is to list 200 things in July, I already have 134 items listed, so this will bring me to about 330 items.  (This is where my math degree comes in handy haha!)  My average profit is about $17 and my sell-through rate is about 50%, so if I meet my goal I should make about $2800 in July.  If I continue that way, in August I will be making over $3000!

Here are a few of my flips from June:
Chico’s Top
Paid: $5
Sold: $19.99 + $6.35 S&H

JAG Jeans
Paid: $6.36
Sold: $22.49+ $6.35 S&H

VS Bathing Suit
Paid: $5
Sold: $44.99 + $6.35 S&H

7 for all Mankind Jeans
Paid: $6.36
Sold: $29.99 + $6.35 S&H

Nightmare Before Christmas Jersey (My sister, Becca, spotted this one!)
Paid: $4
Sold: $19.99 + $6.35 S&H

Paid: $3
Sold: $29.99

I’ll update you at the very end of June with some, hopefully higher, profits!  

Nearing the End of June

Make EBaying Easier!

When I first started selling on eBay, I literally had no tools besides a camera to help me along.  Since then, I have found quite a few things that have really helped my sales and made things easy-peasy!  First of all, for better pictures and higher sales I strongly advise you to get a white background (I use 2 white posterboards from the Dollar Tree, which are only 2/$1) and some sort of light set-up.  My boyfriend made my light set up with some castor wheels and some wood that someone had given us, so it was virtually free.  The pictures may be the most important part of the listing.
These are what I would get if I didn’t have such a handy boyfriend – you can get them for about $50 on amazon.
I can not believe that I have been eBaying so long without power banks!  These things have literally saved my life!  I used to have to cut my shopping time short because I didn’t have enough battery to look up everything.  I have three power banks and probably have enough battery to look up the whole entire thrift store now! 
I have three of these life-savers!
The last thing I suggest you have for eBay is sticky labels.  These are so much faster than cutting and taping labels on!  It doesn’t really seem like these would make that big of a difference, but trust me, they do!

You can order these on amazon, also.
The lights are a bit of a splurge, but if you are considering becoming a seller I definitely recommend getting yourself a power bank or two, some self-adhesive printing labels, and a clean white background.  Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be making a post with some recent flips soon!
Make EBaying Easier!

First Video + June Update

June!  I love June!  It’s sunny and hot and my birthday month.  It’s also turning out to be a great eBay month so far!  I was doing extremely well the first week of June and pretty good – but not as good this week.  I am averaging about $70 a day and spending around 25 hours a week.  I’m pushing to get to that 40 hours a week, but I’ve started devoting a lot more time to trying to reach followers on my blog and instagram.  I bought 47 things today and will hopefully profit over $1,000.  It will take me two days to list everything and I will be ready for another thrifting road trip on Wednesday!  
Here are some of my flips:
Joe’s Jeans
Paid: $6.00
Sold: $24.99 + $6.35 S&H
Vineyard Vines Shorts
Paid: $5.99
Sold: $29.99 + $6.35 S&H
Miss Me Shorts
Paid: $14.41
Sold: $68.99 + $6.35 S&H
Lucky Brand Jeans
Paid: $5.99
Sold: $27.59 + $6.35 S&H
Also, I’m trying out something new today!  I made a little thrift haul – the quality isn’t very good, but not bad for my first video!  Check it out:

First Video + June Update


I’m too excited about my sales today!  It has been one of my best days.  I had $254.92 in sales, which gave me a profit of a nickel over $180!  This has probably been my most profitable day yet.  June is really looking like my month to shine.  In the first two days of June, I’ve made about $275. 
Here are some of my flips from today:
KEEN Flip Flops
Paid: $14
Sold: $39.99 + $6.35 Shipping

Athleta 2-in-1 Skort
Paid: $5
Sold: $29.99 + $6.35
Here’s one of Steven’s flips of the day:
5.11 Tactical Vest
He Paid: $8.50
He Sold: $39.99 + $6.35 S&H
I also made a $72.80 profit on a dress I sold!  
Tomorrow, Steven and I are going on a “thrifting road trip.”  We are heading up to the Milford Salvation Army and stopping at the Milford and Millsboro goodwill on the way home.  I have a good feeling about this trip, I think we will find a lot (wish us luck)!  I’ll post some of our finds tomorrow.

Daily Sales Update

Hey guys!  As often as I can, I am going to try to give you my daily sales update.  So far today (I still have hope for more sales, it’s only 10pm!) I have had $131.95 in sales.  Not bad at all!  From this, I profited about $94.51.  Here was one of my best flips of the day:

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans
Paid: $6.36
Sold: $49.99 + $6.35 S&H
These jeans were a quick flip for me!  They were listed for only one day. AG jeans are really a hit or miss, some of them don’t sell at all.  It is important to always be up to date on current trends when you are an eBay seller.  Not only are these jeans super soft and amazing quality, they are very trendy right now.  Dark wash skinny jeans and distressed boyfriend jeans are some of my best sellers.  If I find more common brands like Gap, American Eagle, and Levi’s in these styles I will most likely buy those to resell.  I spend hours of my day scrolling through blogs and instagram, searching for new labels and keeping up with current trends.  I don’t consider this time spent on “fashion stalking”  to be working because I would be doing it even if I wasn’t a seller, I love it!

Daily Sales Update

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday ya’ll!  I normally “sleep in” until around 9 am on Sundays, but today I woke up at 7 and decided to scout some yard sales with Steven.  We started off in Ocean Pines, where there are community yard sales every weekend, but we didn’t see a single sign, so we darted over to the flea market in Salisbury.  I was very surprised to see just as many vendors on a Sunday as there are on a Saturday.  I was able to score a pair of Miss Me jeans for $5, 2 pairs of Levi’s for $1 each and one pair of Levi’s with the tags still attached for only $2.  I figure just these 4 yard sale finds will bring in over $100 for me.  Not bad for doing something I love!  Yard sales are awesome! And they are not just for Saturdays!  Soaking up sunshine, shopping, and making money all at the same time, how could you not love yard sale-ing?!
After yard sale-ing, we went and caught some clams!  So much fun and free food, too!  We were able to fill a 5 gallon bucket to the top with clams, should make for some good clam strips tonight.  After clamming, I was pretty tired, but still set on going to goodwill.  Yesterday there was a 50% off sale at goodwill.  While I do love a good sale day, the best day is the day after a sale, when they put out all the new stuff they’ve been keeping off the floors until the sale ended.  I was able to score not one, but two Lilly Pulitzer dresses!  I was also able to find some high profit jeans and some items from Anthropologie.  I always look for items from Anthropologie when I’m at goodwill, they seem to always bring in decent profits from around $10 to $20.  
Here are a few of the items (not all) I scored today:
Oh, and here’s all the free food we “caught” today:
Sunday Funday