Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday ya’ll!  I normally “sleep in” until around 9 am on Sundays, but today I woke up at 7 and decided to scout some yard sales with Steven.  We started off in Ocean Pines, where there are community yard sales every weekend, but we didn’t see a single sign, so we darted over to the flea market in Salisbury.  I was very surprised to see just as many vendors on a Sunday as there are on a Saturday.  I was able to score a pair of Miss Me jeans for $5, 2 pairs of Levi’s for $1 each and one pair of Levi’s with the tags still attached for only $2.  I figure just these 4 yard sale finds will bring in over $100 for me.  Not bad for doing something I love!  Yard sales are awesome! And they are not just for Saturdays!  Soaking up sunshine, shopping, and making money all at the same time, how could you not love yard sale-ing?!
After yard sale-ing, we went and caught some clams!  So much fun and free food, too!  We were able to fill a 5 gallon bucket to the top with clams, should make for some good clam strips tonight.  After clamming, I was pretty tired, but still set on going to goodwill.  Yesterday there was a 50% off sale at goodwill.  While I do love a good sale day, the best day is the day after a sale, when they put out all the new stuff they’ve been keeping off the floors until the sale ended.  I was able to score not one, but two Lilly Pulitzer dresses!  I was also able to find some high profit jeans and some items from Anthropologie.  I always look for items from Anthropologie when I’m at goodwill, they seem to always bring in decent profits from around $10 to $20.  
Here are a few of the items (not all) I scored today:
Oh, and here’s all the free food we “caught” today:
Sunday Funday

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