Nearing the End of June

My favorite month is almost over!  I have made some great changes to my business and I am so proud of myself!  I have mastered the perfect organization for me (just need to get more shelving).  And I have been listing more than ever!  My only setback this month has been my car (it hasn’t been working for a week or two now).  Luckily my family has been giving me rides to the thrift shop.
As far as my organization, as soon as I list an item I give it a number and stick it in a padded flat rate envelope.  Then I organize the envelopes into groups of 20 and put them in an Ikea bag on my shelving unit.  Organization is really key when running your own business.  I find that whenever I do become even the slightest bit unorganized (which happens more than I’d like to admit) I get panicky and frantic and so overwhelmed I won’t list anything until I tidy up again.  Prior to my new organization, I would keep everything on my shelves and would have to look through almost a hundred items before I found the one I was looking for.  Now, in the mornings before I go to the post office, I know right where to look for my item, put the packing slip in the package, close it up, and slap a label on it, easy peasy!

So far this month, I’ve sold 117 items!  I believe that is a personal record for me!  I have made over $3000 in sales and about $2000 in profit.  My goal is to list 200 things in July, I already have 134 items listed, so this will bring me to about 330 items.  (This is where my math degree comes in handy haha!)  My average profit is about $17 and my sell-through rate is about 50%, so if I meet my goal I should make about $2800 in July.  If I continue that way, in August I will be making over $3000!

Here are a few of my flips from June:
Chico’s Top
Paid: $5
Sold: $19.99 + $6.35 S&H

JAG Jeans
Paid: $6.36
Sold: $22.49+ $6.35 S&H

VS Bathing Suit
Paid: $5
Sold: $44.99 + $6.35 S&H

7 for all Mankind Jeans
Paid: $6.36
Sold: $29.99 + $6.35 S&H

Nightmare Before Christmas Jersey (My sister, Becca, spotted this one!)
Paid: $4
Sold: $19.99 + $6.35 S&H

Paid: $3
Sold: $29.99

I’ll update you at the very end of June with some, hopefully higher, profits!  

Nearing the End of June

2 thoughts on “Nearing the End of June

  1. Wow! Your sales are amazing! Like you, I get frantic and must organize everything before I can list more.
    My only question: why do you go to the post office? Not going to the post office anymore has saved me so much time and money. Just wondering…….


  2. Thank you! Sometimes I schedule post office pick ups, but I'm very forgetful 😦 Luckily, my post office is less than a mile away and sometimes, if everything fits in a backpack, I like to just walk there to get some fresh air.


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