Make EBaying Easier!

When I first started selling on eBay, I literally had no tools besides a camera to help me along.  Since then, I have found quite a few things that have really helped my sales and made things easy-peasy!  First of all, for better pictures and higher sales I strongly advise you to get a white background (I use 2 white posterboards from the Dollar Tree, which are only 2/$1) and some sort of light set-up.  My boyfriend made my light set up with some castor wheels and some wood that someone had given us, so it was virtually free.  The pictures may be the most important part of the listing.
These are what I would get if I didn’t have such a handy boyfriend – you can get them for about $50 on amazon.
I can not believe that I have been eBaying so long without power banks!  These things have literally saved my life!  I used to have to cut my shopping time short because I didn’t have enough battery to look up everything.  I have three power banks and probably have enough battery to look up the whole entire thrift store now! 
I have three of these life-savers!
The last thing I suggest you have for eBay is sticky labels.  These are so much faster than cutting and taping labels on!  It doesn’t really seem like these would make that big of a difference, but trust me, they do!

You can order these on amazon, also.
The lights are a bit of a splurge, but if you are considering becoming a seller I definitely recommend getting yourself a power bank or two, some self-adhesive printing labels, and a clean white background.  Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be making a post with some recent flips soon!
Make EBaying Easier!

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