Blame it on the Sunshine!

Once again, I’ve been MIA, but I can’t help but to be outside in this beautiful 70 degree weather!  One of the biggest perks of selling on eBay is that you can choose your own hours.  When you want to spend your days outside, just work at night.  If you want to go out for a night with the girls, just work during the day.

I have been doing bad.  Real bad.  I haven’t listed anything since March 16.  And it’s hurting, my sales have slowed down to about one a day.  It really goes to show you get out what you put in.

Also, I apologize about not posting my profit screenshots – my computer is temporarily disassembled while I try to replace the fan.  But here are a few of my recent sales:


Lucky Brand Cargo Pants

Paid: $4

Sold: $29.99 + $6.35 S&H


Lilly Pulitzer Dress

Paid: $6

Sold: $49.99


Lucky Brand Jeans

Paid: $4

Sold: $39.99 + $6.35 S&H

For all the men out there – and all the women trying to convince their men to join them in thrifting – I am going to share with you some of my boyfriends recent flips in the next post (his flips are much larger than mine – and he sells some pretty cool manly things!)

Thanks for reading!




Blame it on the Sunshine!

February Profits

Please don’t hate me!  I’m a little late (only like 16 days…) on updating you on my February profits – but here it is:


In February, I made $1333.24.  For about a week or two in February, I consistently listed 5 items a day, but have since fallen way off track.  However, my profits are still outstanding for putting in around 20 hours of work for the month of February.  For those of you interested in the profit program I use – please refer back to my January profit report.

March has probably been one of the worst months of me getting things listed.  I listed 8 things today, and I think that’s probably all I’ve done this month.  That being said, I’ve still made over $500 profit in the first two weeks.  I’m going to really try to start listing 5 items a day again.  I hope that soon, I can get my eBay income to be greater than my employer paid income.

For those of you on the fence of starting eBay, just do it.  As you can see, I’m maybe putting in less than 5 hours a week and seeing a return of about $250/week!  Think of what you could do in 40 hours a week!


February Profits

Updated Jan Profit + Sales + BOLO

Totally knew this was going to happen….the second after I hit post on my January profit post – I sold another item!  That makes my January profit over $1000!  My goal in February is to list on average 5 items a day.  This goal may seem small to some, but this is my “side hustle” and I still would like to have some time for myself!

Now, we are only less than 3 days into February and I haven’t listed a single item yet (which means I’m going to have to catch up and list 10 today and 10 another day instead of the goal of 5) but I still have made a $90 profit.


I wanted to talk about something that I have only recently found to be true.  The quality of your listing < the quantity of your listings.  Now this is only to a certain extant.  I used to spend upwards of 15 minutes on a listing, but now that this is my side business, I try to spend the least amount of time possible (averaging about 6-7 minutes per listing).  I used to use a light set-up, white background, and a Canon Rebel.  I now use my ceiling fan light, hardwood floors, and cell phone.  And you know what?  My sell through rate remains at about 50-60%.  If anything, I now price my items higher because I’m not worried about them selling all that fast and I have went from a 1 day handling time to a 2 day handling time.

I really cannot believe that I spend half as much time on my listings and selling just as much (in proportion to how much I list).  I wish I had known this all along, but if someone told me that, I probably would not have believed them.

Here’s something I sold today (note the crappy cell phone picture):


GAP Jeans

Paid: $6.67

Sold: $29.99 +$6.35 S&H

Check back for a weekly profit update!


Updated Jan Profit + Sales + BOLO

End of January Profit Report

T-2 Hours until February 2016!  The first month of the year flew right by!  I accomplished a lot of personal goals (joined the gym, lost 5 lbs, purged my closet) and had an awesome month reselling.  This month, I’ll be honest – I didn’t list much….at all.  I estimate less than 50 items the whole month.  Regardless of my lack of listing, I still made out!  Mind you, eBay is now my “side hustle” so I’m not solely relying on income generated from eBay.  I will tell you that my eBay income is the only money I use for food, gas, and entertainment.  So if I’m not making money reselling – I’ll be starving and riding a bike everywhere….

Without further adieu – here is my January profit (which could increase in the next 2 hours since its only 10pm!)

Jan Profit

$995.24…So close to $1000!  Also, this is before taxes, so I set aside about $300 to pay taxes down the road.

And if you are wondering about this nifty program I use it’s called easy auctions tracker.  It is the best program I have found so far – it links everything with eBay so you don’t have to do any importing or flipping from excel to eBay.  You can buy it here (this is an affiliate link, I do get $5 if you purchase through this link, but if you don’t wish for me to receive any bonus, I still recommend you buy the program, it’s awesome!  And if you do purchase through this link – thank you!)

Purchase easyauctionstracker -> here

Check back this week for recent sales!  Happy thrifting!




End of January Profit Report

The Year of the Blog

New year, new blog! finally became available and is now my blog!  I had been waiting for this domain to be available for some time now.

This year I am determined to revamp my eBay selling and my blog.  I’ve definitely neglected both towards the end of 2015.  My profits for 2015 are impressive considering I only went full time for a few months, I unfortunately had a very inaccurate profit calculator towards the beginning of the year, but later on, I discovered easy auction tracker and fell in love with it! It is such a great program to compute your monthly and yearly profits.  In 2015, I profited about $20,000.  Pretty awesome considering I went only about 6 months full time, and by full time I mean about 20 hours a week!

Already 2016 is off to a great start!  I have profited right around $700 for the first three weeks.  I probably would’ve done a lot better had I listed some things, but I’ve been rather lazy these first few weeks.  Starting February, my goal is to list at least 20 items a week -not a lot, but keep in mind I now have a full-time corporate job.  My goal with this blog is to encourage everyone that they can find the time to sell on eBay!  It is easy and not very time consuming.  For me, 20 items a week will compute to less than 2.5 hours of actual listing/picture taking and probably about 3 hours of thrift shopping (which, let’s be honest, isn’t really work!)

In February, I plan to have a more structured blog, with weekly profit breakdowns and sales.  What do you guys want to see more of?



The Year of the Blog