Feelin’ Lucky

Happy St Patty’s Day!  I hope there is luck on your side today!  But, eBay selling has nothing to do with luck.  It is about your determination and your willingness to move pass the negative and to constantly learn from your mistakes.  The other day, I had a buyer open a return request for $30, which I have set to automatically accept.  She sent an item back – the wrong item, something that I have never had in my inventory.  I was furious.  I called eBay and complained, which only made the situation worse.  I threatened her with a police report.  I was fuming all day thinking about it.  Then it hit me, why was I going to let this one $30 sale ruin my day and make me consider quitting eBay.  Karma will take care of that person, I just need to let it go.  You cannot avoid the scam artists.  They are everywhere.  I hear so many stories of people giving up after one bad thing happening to them.  As a seller, you need to realize people will try to take advantage of you – but those people are far and few in-between.

Now, aside from the ability to let go, you must really have passion to become successful.  I love clothes and fashion and can often be found reading fashion blogs and magazines.  I sometimes go to fancy stores to look around at the brands they have to offer.  My boyfriend started off trying to sell clothes, but he found his passion in shoes.  We both put time in to research what’s trending and selling.  One of my favorite research platforms are blogs.  Unfortunately, my three favorite bloggers are no longer blogging.

Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to selling.  One of my favorite bloggers who no longer blogs (Maureen) buys things mainly from the Goodwill Outlet and sells them for about 20x what she paid for them, but the total sale is a lot less than what I’m used to (maybe around $20).  I, on the other hand, try to stay far away from the Goodwill Outlet – it can be a very scary place!  I buy mostly jeans, which are usually $6.99.  I started out buying ones that I could sell for at least $20, but now try to stick with ones I can sell for at least $40.  I dabble in shirts, dresses, shoes, purses, and things, but I love selling jeans.  I can crank out a jeans listing in 3 minutes.

As far as strategy goes, I’ve seen people having success having under 100 things listed, while some people have 1000 listing – it really depends on how much you are selling items for and your sell-through rate.  Personally, I am at my all time lowest with around 120 listings – hoping to get to 200 by the end of March.



Feelin’ Lucky

4 thoughts on “Feelin’ Lucky

  1. Isabella says:

    Yes, that is all part of doing business–the bad (or clueless) customers! It’s true that you just have to let it go. For a while, I was selling a lot of vintage Fisher Price toys. If selling to someone who is not a collector, there can be problems. Once I received a negative feedback for a “crack” when it was nothing but the place where the toy slips out of the factory mold. They are on every single one.

    I have not ventured to the “bins” here in Minneapolis and probably won’t. I have heard too many horror stories! If you look at “statesplace” on instagram, you will see another seller who has success with the bins. I believe she is in Portland, Oregon. Some people are happy with a lot of smaller sales and some go big. Everyone has his/her own plan. You have done awesome!


  2. Faith F says:

    I feel you on the dreaded scam return! I have an item coming back my way that I have a feeling I will have to fight. I do understand not to take it personally and let it ruin my day, but I’m also not about to let someone like that get away with working the system. So stressful, though, and I’m sorry you’re dealing with one yourself!

    The outlets are just too terrifying for me. I’ve gone on occasion and walked away with some great flips – a Vince cashmere sweater and a leather Kate Spade bag, most recently – but the grimy feeling and the angry, grabby clientele are just way too much for me. Funny, though, how everyone has their own niche!


  3. riverboat5 says:

    Great post on persistence. This is a vital trait in becoming an entrepreneur. If you are looking to find your spot in the market place, please follow my blog as I’m spending the next year dedicated to this cause.


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