July Update

Hey guys!  So for those of you who don’t personally know me, I had some struggles in the beginning of July and had to take a little (actually a lot) of personal time off from work.  I barely listed anything at all, like under ten items, for the first three weeks of July.  This month so far I have made about $1,150, with over $430 coming in from this past week.  I have no doubt that I could’ve passed the $2,000 mark if I hadn’t taken three weeks of recovery time.  But oh well, in the words of Forrest, “it happens.”
This right here is the biggest perk of being my own boss.  I have had plenty of time to myself, to hang out with my friends.  My schedule can work around either going to the beach or going out at night.  I love that I can set my own hours, I wasn’t myself the beginning of this month and I honestly could not imagine dragging myself to work.  But, I’m back to being my happy, thrift-aholic self now!
AND GUYS!  Guess what I have finally found after years of searching?!  A brand new dress form! This dress form (in the perfect size, too – medium) was new in the box with a $199 price sticker on it, it had a goodwill price of $35 and I got a 25% discount, making the dress form only $28!  I am still thrilled about this purchase.  It has made listing tops so much easier!  I used to like to stick with jeans because they were easier to stage on a flat surface, but now I just love taking pictures of tops and dresses!
I honestly only sold two real gems this month, here is one of them:
Gucci Heels
Paid: $10
Sold: $157.49
Profit: $123.26

By the way, sorry for the hiatus!  I should be posting more regularly now that I’m back at eBaying!

July Update