Thrift Haul

Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind my goal on the first week of March.  I blame it on being sick and all this snow!  Is it spring yet?

Here are a couple things I sold today:
These jeans are a brand from Anthropologie
Profit: $21.19

Miss Me Jeans
Profit: $39.58
Steven and I went thrifting all day yesterday, since school was cancelled, and I found some amazing things!  First, I found a pair of Tory Burch sandals for under $18.  These sandals are basically brand new!
Tory Burch for under $18!
My next find literally had me jumping up and down with excitement.  I found a pair of Christian Louboutins!  And these were never worn!  They are the Barcelona wedge and I scored them for only $35.  Here is a picture of the same color I got:
Christian Louboutins for $35
Oh and here is a picture of Sofia Vergara wearing the same ones in gold!  (I’m a little obsessed-with the shoes and her!)
Thrift Haul

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