Amazon Buyout – $1000 On Shoes!

My boyfriend and I spend $1000 on shoes a couple days ago!   It sounds like a lot, but we got 44 pairs!  And not just any shoes, they were all name brand!  We bought multiple pairs of Hunter rain boots, Red Wing work boots, and Timberlands.  Each pair was just $15.30 + 7.99 shipping.  The online retailer cleared out in one night and I am so thankful that we were able to purchase so many before they were all sold out.  The lowest we will resell any of these shoes is $100, but some sell for over $200!

Here are a few that we got:

The top two are Hunter rain boots and the bottom is a pair of Red Wings (these go for over $200!)
I’m a little upset that none of the Hunter boots were my size, but maybe its better that way!  
Amazon Buyout – $1000 On Shoes!

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