New Sources + Snow Day

Okay, the snow is beautiful but it’s putting a serious damper on my eBaying! (Being sick doesn’t help either.)  Goodwill was closed today so I had to find somewhere else to source.  I decided to head to Uptown Cheapskate, almost like a Plato’s Closet, but nicer, for those not familiar with it.  I never have really tried to source from here before because I figure they do the same thing I do, buy low and sell high.  My boyfriend and I were both AMAZED at the deals we were able to score there today.  I’m still giggling like a little girl about all of my finds.
I got this BRAND NEW Vineyard Vines Dress on sale for $5 and change, it still has the $165 tag on it!

I also got this brand new KATE SPADE dress (Tay Swift wore this same dress!)  It has a $428 price tag and I paid just $49.99

I also got a couple second hand shorts.  I got two super cute boho patterned denim shorts for myself (under $3 each) and an American Eagle denim pair ($3) and True Religion Denim pair ($7 and change) to re-sell.  My boyfriend scored some awesome deals to flip on eBay, as well.  I think his best find was a pair of brand new 7 for All Mankind colored jeans.  These jeans retail for $228 and he paid just $14.36!  He might be getting too good at this…looks like I have a little competition now!  😉

New Sources + Snow Day

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