Sick Days

The best part of being a business owner is that I can have as many sick days as I want.  I’ve been sick the past couple days and haven’t been able to list at all.  I really want to reach my goal of listing 60 items this week, so I’ll just have to work harder when I get better!
The first two days of March were right on point!  I made a profit of $128.95, this puts me on track for my weekly goal of about $508.   Two of the high profit sales were actually picked out by my boyfriend.  Here they are:
Abercrombie Jeans:
$30.86 Profit

REI Snowboard Pants
$21.31 Profit
My boyfriend does have a pretty good eye!  Especially when it comes to active wear.  I would’ve never thought to pick up these REI snowboard pants, but he convinced me to and I’m very glad he did!  I was also extremely surprised to see the Abercrombie and Fitch jeans go for $39.99 plus shipping!  My boyfriend is getting so good at selecting inventory that he recently set up his own eBay seller account and is selling a few things.  I’m very flattered that I could inspire someone else!
Hopefully, I’ll be healthy by Saturday so the boy and I can go on our thrifting roadtrip (we try to take one at least once a week).  We normally hit a big Salvation Army on these trips and find cart loads of stuff!  I’ll update you tomorrow on some more sales!
Sick Days

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