Branching Out

Hey ya’ll!  So, normally I am a solely a fashion seller on eBay.  Most of my clothes come from secondhand stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Recently, I’ve tried a selling in a couple of other categories with great success.  I have the advantage of my dad working for a bank, so sometimes he gets “dibs” on cool things in properties that have been foreclosed.  My boyfriend and I cleaned out a pawn shop a couple months ago and found lots of high quality, brand new electronics.  Some of these aren’t worth too much and we will most likely sell at a flea market, but I did make a pretty penny off of one item, in particular.
I’m not really too sure what this is, but I made almost $85 off of it!
I’ve recently tried to find other sources for inventory because sometimes second hand stores aren’t that reliable.  I went to one of our warehouse stores- a type of store that advertises “buy outs” and “closeouts” and used a book scanning app to find values of some of the books there (they have thousands!).  I purchased about 5 different books, just to “dip my toes in the water”.  I currently have two of them listed and plan on listing the rest later this week.  I have already found luck!  Last night a book that I had purchased for $3.99 sold for $16.99.  Although this isn’t as big as a profit margin as I would like to see, it is one that can have large quantities and be rather consistent.  Here’s the book that sold last night:
I think I will definitely continue branching out to new sources and categories to sell on eBay.  
Happy Selling!
Branching Out

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