Sick Days

The best part of being a business owner is that I can have as many sick days as I want.  I’ve been sick the past couple days and haven’t been able to list at all.  I really want to reach my goal of listing 60 items this week, so I’ll just have to work harder when I get better!
The first two days of March were right on point!  I made a profit of $128.95, this puts me on track for my weekly goal of about $508.   Two of the high profit sales were actually picked out by my boyfriend.  Here they are:
Abercrombie Jeans:
$30.86 Profit

REI Snowboard Pants
$21.31 Profit
My boyfriend does have a pretty good eye!  Especially when it comes to active wear.  I would’ve never thought to pick up these REI snowboard pants, but he convinced me to and I’m very glad he did!  I was also extremely surprised to see the Abercrombie and Fitch jeans go for $39.99 plus shipping!  My boyfriend is getting so good at selecting inventory that he recently set up his own eBay seller account and is selling a few things.  I’m very flattered that I could inspire someone else!
Hopefully, I’ll be healthy by Saturday so the boy and I can go on our thrifting roadtrip (we try to take one at least once a week).  We normally hit a big Salvation Army on these trips and find cart loads of stuff!  I’ll update you tomorrow on some more sales!
Sick Days

Branching Out

Hey ya’ll!  So, normally I am a solely a fashion seller on eBay.  Most of my clothes come from secondhand stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Recently, I’ve tried a selling in a couple of other categories with great success.  I have the advantage of my dad working for a bank, so sometimes he gets “dibs” on cool things in properties that have been foreclosed.  My boyfriend and I cleaned out a pawn shop a couple months ago and found lots of high quality, brand new electronics.  Some of these aren’t worth too much and we will most likely sell at a flea market, but I did make a pretty penny off of one item, in particular.
I’m not really too sure what this is, but I made almost $85 off of it!
I’ve recently tried to find other sources for inventory because sometimes second hand stores aren’t that reliable.  I went to one of our warehouse stores- a type of store that advertises “buy outs” and “closeouts” and used a book scanning app to find values of some of the books there (they have thousands!).  I purchased about 5 different books, just to “dip my toes in the water”.  I currently have two of them listed and plan on listing the rest later this week.  I have already found luck!  Last night a book that I had purchased for $3.99 sold for $16.99.  Although this isn’t as big as a profit margin as I would like to see, it is one that can have large quantities and be rather consistent.  Here’s the book that sold last night:
I think I will definitely continue branching out to new sources and categories to sell on eBay.  
Happy Selling!
Branching Out

February Profit

February was the first month I was working eBay as my sole source of income.  With the encouragement and support from my boyfriend, I quit my two almost minimum wage jobs to pursue my dream of being a full time eBay seller.  I have been selling on eBay for a couple years now, just making a little extra spending money.  I started putting in about 30 hours a week of sourcing and listing in the beginning of February and opened up my first eBay store in the middle of the month.  
Being an eBay seller has been the best thing to happen to me.  It is so liberating to know that I am my own boss and that my effort and determination directly correlate with my earnings.  In the month of February I made $1854.15 (pure profit!).  This is more than I would’ve made [unhappily] working my two part time jobs.  This job is not for everyone though.  I am a die-hard shopper.  I could shop from sun up to sun down every single day (I don’t, but I definitely could).  But if you love shopping, making money, and being your own boss, eBay is totally for you!  Here are a couple of my sales from February.
Eileen Fisher
Profit: $32.17

Tory Burch
Profit: $26.15


The North Face
Profit: $24.64
On average, I made about $66 a day in February.  If I matched that in March, I would make about $2050.  I want to keep improving and eventually hit my goal of $50,000 a year, so each month I am going to try to make a little more money.  In March my goal is to make $2,250, that’s about $508 dollars a week or $73 a day.  
Check back next week to see my total sales of the first week in March and some of my thrift store flips!
February Profit