February Profits

Please don’t hate me!  I’m a little late (only like 16 days…) on updating you on my February profits – but here it is:


In February, I made $1333.24.  For about a week or two in February, I consistently listed 5 items a day, but have since fallen way off track.  However, my profits are still outstanding for putting in around 20 hours of work for the month of February.  For those of you interested in the profit program I use – please refer back to my January profit report.

March has probably been one of the worst months of me getting things listed.  I listed 8 things today, and I think that’s probably all I’ve done this month.  That being said, I’ve still made over $500 profit in the first two weeks.  I’m going to really try to start listing 5 items a day again.  I hope that soon, I can get my eBay income to be greater than my employer paid income.

For those of you on the fence of starting eBay, just do it.  As you can see, I’m maybe putting in less than 5 hours a week and seeing a return of about $250/week!  Think of what you could do in 40 hours a week!


February Profits

7 thoughts on “February Profits

  1. riverboat5 says:

    Great numbers. If you want to see results from other opportunities, follow my blog, as I’m spending the next year dedicated to helping entrepreneurs.


  2. Ally says:

    Hi, I just started and I’m obsessed with your blog! I only sold a couple things so far but I don’t do returns just because I thought it would create a whole lot of problems. Do you think it is better to accept them? Do Byers look for that? Thanks for all your help, you’re so awesome!


    1. Hey Ally! Yes, I think buyers definitely would rather buy from someone who offers returns. Even when you don’t accept returns, if a buyer wants to return something and they are persistent, eBay will make you take the return. On the bright side, I don’t get too many returns and I charge a restocking fee from 10% to 20% so I actually make a couple dollars even when someone returns an item. Good luck on your eBay journey and thank you for following along!


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